June 17, 2010 – Loving the Process

Wow. I just realized as I was finishing a previous writing that I do indeed love the process. At Tribal Revolution, on a creativity profile that Ariellah had us work on to get to know ourselves better, one of the questions was “Which do you enjoy more, the process or the result?” I just realized that I love the process. I love the result, too, definitely. But getting there is what drives me, what I love.

I love working on a story, researching it, editing it, fact-checking. I love learning things that I never knew before. I loved learning about the Star Wars Universe pretty much from scratch to write my first story. I loved studying Etruscan history, social and politic structure and burial rituals to add only a few  points of interest into a fan-fiction piece. The process, the need to learn and know those things and incorporate them into my art, it drives me.

I love developing and putting together costumes, letting the creativity flow in the pieces that I pull together, modify, or whatever. If I cannot buy what I want, I will figure out something else that will look lovely. I am not very talented with sewing but it doesn’t mean I cannot create. The make-up, the hair, the accessories, they are all part of the costume and all equally as fun to create. I mean, when else are you going to pack on the black eye shadow, just to smear it all over the place to be a crazy version of Harley Quinn? Not to mention giving yourself a Glasgow smile with red lip stain.

I love learning a dance, even though practice can be hard, I love it. The finished product only lasts a few minutes but, because of the practice, I can keep a dance piece in my head for years.

I love the creative process! I love the result, yes, but I love the process of putting things together. Watching the pieces fit, or fixing them so they do, learning new things to incorporate….creating.


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