July 26, 2010 – Refreshing Day

Today has been, quite possibly, the most gorgeous day of the summer. The high today was only 80 degrees with a bright blue sky, clouds smattered everywhere, bright sunshine. It’s that sort of day that just infuses your with life and mellows you out at the same time. Ben and I had a late brunch with Ben’s parents, ran to the little local donut/coffee shop, Ben took some pictures of me by the courthouse and war memorial in Winchester, and we thoroughly enjoyed the drive to and from home. Just a gorgeous day!

I love days like this, when I can throw open the windows, turn on the fan, let the air and sunshine into my home, let that light and comfort flow through my house like it flows through my system. It’s quite uplifting and encouraging after a rough night. I think I might go lie out in our swing in the backyard in a while.

I must say that today has done me a world of good.


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