December 1, 2010 – Warm Air, Warm Skin

Author’s Note: Just something that poured out of my head tonight.

The air is heavy, steamy, warm.

A refreshing coolness rushes into the room as I open the door,

My skin still tinged pink from the heat of the shower.

Scrubbed and clean, I am soon self-massaged and rubbed down,

My muscles teased into a semblance of relaxation after a long 16 hours.

When I’m through, my skin smells of cinnamon and spices, soft and warm and comfortable.

Clad in pink cotton underwear with a disarming little bow

And Ben’s “Firefly” t-shirt, I meander around the house,

Enjoying the quiet of the late night.

Those last few sweet hours before slipping off to bed.

Ben is established in Albion for the nonce;

I am off to fight crime in L.A.

A good end to a blustery, snowy day.



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