June 26, 2012 – Poetry repost

Now, honestly, I don’t read a lot of Harlem Renassiance poetry but this one is just lovely in how it’s written, I think. đŸ™‚ I can just see it in a little girl’s scrapbook or something.

“To a Dark Girl”

I love you for your brownness,
And the rounded darkness of your breast;
I love you for the breaking sadness in your voice
And shadows where your wayward eyelids rest.

Something of old forgotten queens
Lurks in the lithe abandon of your walk,
And something of the shackled slave
Sobs in the rhythm of your talk.

Oh, little brown girl, born for sorrow’s mate,
Keep all you have of queenliness,
Forgetting that you once were slave,
And let your full lips laugh at Fate!


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