Rediscovered Poems – found these in an old notebook at work


Small, intense, passionate, friendly

Sibling of two angels

Lover of Ben, books, and music

Who feels tired, busy, challenged

Who needs a vacation, new sights, reading time

Who gives friendship, advice, time

Who fears loss, hurting people, heights

Who would like to see New Zealand, Japan, and my child’s face


Intense Gold

I think sometimes that I’m the liver of a dream.

I feel wrapped in warm gold, strong, and soft.

My hands grip the softest intensity.

It’s like trying to hold water in a river.

Soft and strong, gentle and intense,

washing away and forming, all these things at the

very same time I feel and it’s like being hit with a bolt of lightning.

I feel safe and protected,

I wrap it around me like a soft fur coat.

I wish to keep it all my life long.

It’s comfort, like a cat purring on my lap.

I breathe and believe and I know I am blessed.

Can such things be real, everlasting, and true?

They must be, smelling like lilac and yellow sunshine.

It’s as fresh each time as a cool breeze.

I want to shout and scream so everyone will know.

All I know is I want to stay here, wrapped in warm, intense gold.


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