NaBloPoMo Day 15: Dreamers’ Caste

Author’s note: A thought that became an idea and we will see if it continues to grow.

Property of Melissa Snyder

“Dreamers’ Caste”

She was a Dreamer, the lowest of the low. She spun what she had from nothing, the greatest sin ever made against Affluence. What made it ever more the worse was that what she “had” was simple, and it flattered her. Her gowns were unebellished yet they sleekend her form and brought out the spun gold in her hair; her house was small but cozy and homelike; and her food, though staple, always tasted delicious and satisfying. She was an affront to everything Affluent, one of those despicable creatures who managed to be happy just by living their dreams, without the work, the blood, sweat, tears, and money that went into being Affluent.

Beyond and below Vessel’s walls, she could hear the bustle of the Inner City, the seat and bed of Affluence.  The city curls and coils in on itself like a circle maze, the most Affluent in the center, of course, and the Dreamers on the outskirts.  Vessel gathered herbs from her window box, placing them in her basket before returning to her house from the courtyard. Waving her hand, she conjured up a pot from Dreamstuff, the perfect side for the stew that she intended to cook that day. She could place it in the courtyard oven and leave it simmer all day and it would be lovely when she got home. But…first. Gathering up her basket and her wrap, Vessel left the house and made her way along the streets, winding her way to the Bazaar near the Inner City’s center. She could create, yes, but sometimes there was nothing better than old-fashioned, orchard-raised apples.


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