NaBloPoMo Day 26: A New Quest

So I am embarking upon a brand new quest in my life: writing a Christmas pagaent. As our first Christmas with Ben as a new pastor approaches, I am charged with putting together the pagaent for the Christmas Eve service. This being a Quaker church, I figure the simpler, the better. So several of the ladies and I decided tonight on a pagaent that will include a narration of the Nativity story, broken up into sections, with the youth group children (and perhaps a few adults) tableau-ing each section with maybe one or two lines said after the narration. So that leaves me with writing up the narration and sectioning it out this week so that the youth group kids can begin preparing next week.

I will admit to feeling woefully unprepared for this and inadequate to the task. I have performed in many a Christmas play/cantata in my lifetime but have never ever planned one myself. So I am praying that this will go well and be something that will be edifying to our congregration and glorifying to God as we celebrate this Christmas season.


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