Oh, How Sweet It Is!

My ‘me time’ today consisted of me sitting in a corner at Bob Evans, waiting for my carry-out order for my family to be ready. As I sat there in silence, watching the staff bustle back and forth, I found myself realizing just how…beautiful it smelled in that restaurant. It was all but empty of customers at the time but still there were delectable things being made. I sat there and inhaled the savory aromas of suppers being cooked (at least two turkey dinners and one meatloaf and gravy for our household), the warm sweet tickle of icing drizzled over fresh-from-the-oven sweeties, the fluffy comfort of rolls baking five feet from me. And I smiled. I really smiled for the first time in several hours.

For those twenty minutes, I was at peace, and the world was beautiful. I wasn’t tired, I wasn’t stressed. I wasn’t a ball of emotions. FOr those twenty minutes in Bob Evans, the world was that corner and that corner was beautiful.


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