Superpowered Theory

Here was the question posed to me: If you woke up in the morning and had superpowers, let’s say super strength and a healing factor, what would you do?

Honestly, I am not sure but I shall do my best to speculate. If I woke up in the morning with super strength, I would probably first figure it out by destroying a few things, namely my phone, which I grab on my way out of bed every morning as I stumble out to get the living room ready to take my daughter out of her crib for the morning. The thing would be smithereens in my hand, which would stun my still sleep-addled mind. I would crush the door frame that I grab hold of to gain my bearings in trying to understand what was going on. Then I’d try to lift our dresser, which took two grown and strong men to lift while it was EMPTY and WITHOUT the granite top and mirror attached. It would be like lifting Elizabeth.

Elizabeth. Oh, God.

Then I would start to freak out. I couldn’t touch Elizabeth. I couldn’t touch Ben. Not until I got this under control. I couldn’t take that risk. I could not hurt them. And I would burst into tears, inevitably waking Ben and blubbering to try to explain what cannot be explained in words alone.

The healing factor I would probably notice by the absence of my c-section scar, whose presence I haven’t been unaware of since the day it happened, naturally.


I know, not really your fun, oh-hey-I-have-superpowers moment. But realistic for me, I think.


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