Because I think it’s pertinent and well-stated. The only negative comment I ever got about one of my cosplay outfits was my Harley Quinn outfit in that the person told me that Harley really should be blonde (I had chosen not to dye my hair or wear a wig for the costume and stuck with my dark hair). The reason I cosplay for the fun and creativity that it affords me, not so I can fit into someone’s preconceived box where they would place me.

Maki Roll

Bigtog Me as Black Rose. Photographed By: TheBigTog

When I was a child, I was taught “black is beautiful,” so it was a huge surprise to me growing up that black faces were not represented in common society.  When I turned on the TV, when I flipped through magazines, even when I read books, a sea of white faces stared back at me.  Heroes and heroines in books were described as having flowing blonde hair and blue or green eyes.  There was nothing black about them.  I began to wonder; was black really beautiful?  Surely not, because if we were, why were there so little of us in popular culture?  I went through the phase of wondering why my hair didn’t grow like Kasey’s, my white best friend’s hair.  I’d supplement this by getting long synthetic braids put into my hair.  I’d tell myself that my braids were long, and so…

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