It’s been a rough two weeks, with gloomy, cold weather, pain, sickness, and disrupted schedules. I haven’t pulled totally out the funk yet so my writing has been lax, I admit. I’m also not quite sure what to say about my past two weeks either. What’s the point of having a blog with nothing to say, or nothing I can say, really? Well, there are things that I can say, but they aren’t all that cheery.

I’ve honestly felt useless these past two weeks. I’m a stay-at-home mom currently and I feel like I’m failing at the stay-at-home duties.  My house is a mess. My laundry basket is never empty anymore, no matter how I try. There are dishes in my sink, clutter in my kitchen, hall closet, and den. Our clothes and belongings need to be weeded out, sorted, and sold/donated.  My writing has been lackluster or nonexistent over the past two weeks. It just hasn’t been a very good time for me lately.

But, as someone very aptly said today, “The wrong things (or bad times) aren’t the end of the story.” And I am hoping and taking solace in that.


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