In the last year, I have lost approximately ten pounds, am within 1-2 pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight, and, I think, have gained about a pound in muscle over the last almost-month. I am 21 days into a 30-day ab and squat challenge, the furthest I’ve ever made it into a fitness challenge like that, and I’m already planning my next one. It hasn’t been easy but the last two months have been the most triumphant. I’ve lost a dress size (in certain stores), one pant size, and I feel myself getting stronger again. The strongest I had ever been was back in late 2007-2008 when I was belly dancing hardcore, five classes/practices a week, not including personal daily practice and conditioning. I remember when we were working on a troupe routine to “Rhythm Nation”, I watched us move perfectly together in the mirror and I felt powerful, strong. I want that back, and I’d like to think that I’m getting there.


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