Lyric Lines

These are some of my old poems that I found the other day as my husband was tidying his den. I honestly don’t remember writing the second one but I like it. Poetry is not my strong suit; it stems from emotion and not from skill for me, but sometimes it’s all that will do to express, I’ve found.

= = =

Empty Holes

I wish there was a hole where my heart is.

A hole, big and empty.

Empty holes don’t hurt.

They don’t grow sad and despair.

Empty holes don’t make mistakes.

They don’t hurt others.

They just sit there, open to receive.

Whether someone stumbles in

Or jumps in.

Either way, it’s there.

Empty holes can’t feel the exquisiteness of joy.

Only to have it infringed upon and destroyed.

Empty holes can’t have strings broken, torn away.

Empty holes can’t lash out,

Even without meaning to.

In short,

Empty holes don’t feel.

But I do.

= = = =

A Child’s World

My world is one

Of dreams and wonders;

A world of fairy-tale games

And endless summers.

In my world, there is no voice

To say something isn’t real.

Whatever you imagine lives;

Reality has no seal.

My world is one where horses fly,

Girls can fight and win.

Where creatures talk, trees can dance,

And childhood needs never end.

Fantastic though my world can be,

It indeed has its limits few.

Things like true love, friendship, and trust

Can only come from me or you.


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