Boys and Girls of Every Age…

…would you like to hear something strange?

I am not a fan of Halloween.

Nope. Not really. Believe me, I’m all for candy; and I love costuming. But…no, I am not a huge fan of Halloween or trick-or-treating or It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. (Apologies if I upset you with that.) It wasn’t a common thing in my family household so I didn’t grow up with it as tradition. Sure, I’ll put Elizabeth in her little “Happy Halloween” shirt tomorrow, and, if she wants to participate in the future as she gets older, we will help her along with it. Right now, though, she’s barely two years old and Halloween this year will be COLD so I am not bothering carting her around in a costume and coat. I will leave out chocolate-covered pretzels for the neighborhood kids, Elizabeth with her grandparents, and I will go out for a nice dinner and quality time with some friends. That will be my Halloween.

And I’m all for that.


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