NaBloPoMo 2014 Day 1: My Hallmark Moments

You know those Hallmark commercials? The ones that make you cry? Yeah, those. Those were made for people like me. Because right after those commercials (or before or during or whatever), I immediately want to run out to Hallmark and stock up on greeting cards. One of the things that I enjoy almost as much as sending cards, is buying cards. I have five boxes full of stationary and cards and whatnot, all waiting to be sent. But I cannot explain to you the particular fun and joy that I experience when looking for and finding a card that says exactly what I would like to say, even if I don’t know exactly to whom just yet.

My first stationary box was actually from Hallmark. When I was in college 10+ years ago, Hallmark ran a promotion where you received a card organizer box if you bought seventy-five dollars’ worth of greeting cards. And that was remarkably easy for me. I cannot tell you how thrilled I was to be able to put my newly-bought cards into that box, mostly settled in the “Just Because” section. Over the years, I have kept that box and still use it to this day. It still carries my all of my Hallmark-bought cards, cards that speak my heart and thoughts so eloquently, even though I am not sure to whom I will be sending those cards just yet. The fact that they are there, waiting to be sent to just the right person (at what I hope is the right time), makes me smile and want to hurry that day along.



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