That Sublime Moment

Author’s Note – Inspiration: This piece was inspired by a post by a friend. One sentence: “You don’t know sexy until you’ve had a man loosen your corset.” So, naturally, I had to think, how could one describe those moments?

She had done her duty all night, played the beautiful, enchanting hostess, intelligent and entrancing. Her dress was heavy with velvet and lace, glittering with jewels. As she reached her rooms, it was with a sigh threaded through with weariness. Now, in the quiet, her torso ached with a stiffness forced beyond her own natural posture, eliciting another sigh from her.

“Let me help,” came a soft, low voice, not of a lady’s maid but a body servant that she much preferred. Deft fingers undid the delicate buttons of her gown, loosening the silken sash, and allowing her free of the heavy confectionary of fashion.

Her sighs came in earnest now, her body feeling twenty pounds lighter, her limbs floating upward in relief and eliciting a chuckle from the assistant behind her. There then came the soft sound of cord rubbing against itself as he began to deconstruct the ties of her laces. His fingers were gentle as the bows fell away, and they slipped between the grommets, brushing the delicate skin beneath, to loosen the stays that held her captive. She felt freedom inch towards her step by step, moment by moment, as the bars of steel that surrounded her form gave way. Her breath came deeply, filling her lungs and blossoming the bust that the corset yet kept prisoner. His fingertips drew warm lines over the indentations left in her pinkened back.

His voice dropped pearls in her ear as the laces slipped free, the corset soon following, only to be lovingly replaced by his arms. But these were a binding ever more gentle and yet everlastingly stronger than steel and canvas and far more beautiful than embroidered silk and satin-wrapped laces.



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