Talking Sense to Myself – #MadetoCrave

Conversation with myself this evening –

Me: I should have made better choices with my food today.
Me: What?! All you have eaten today is a baked potato with cheese, bacon, and sour cream and a strawberry lemonade for lunch. What are you on about?
Me: Yeah, but it was more calories than I thought and, if I eat that apple pecan chicken salad for dinner AND make cookies like I promised Bizzy, it’s going to put me close to, if not over, my intake for the day.
Me: Listen to yourself. You’re doing it again. This is what drove you crazy and to tears before. Let it go. You are doing what you can, as much as you can. You are making much better food and portion choices, on the whole. You exercise every day, sometimes multiple times. You have cut back on your snacks or you grab fruit instead of junk. You’re doing well. So…cut yourself some slack and give yourself some [God-encouraged] grace. Eat the damn salad and then BAKE THE DAMN COOKIES, for crying out loud!

This was an exercise in me being totally honest when I have struggles. I have been MUCH better on the sweets and not just baking cookies or grabbing ice cream when I feel the “I want it” tickle in my brain. And I was honestly starting to get to a very stressed out place…over TWO MEALS. Not good! So, I ate the salad (until the chicken was all gone, yummy!) and then I set it aside. And now cookies are cooling.


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