Book Review: The Snatchabook by Helen Docherty & Thomas Docherty

I have found my new favorite children’s storybook – The Snatchabook. This is a story about a little bunny named Eliza Brown and all her friends in Burrow Down. Every evening, they all cuddle down in their little homes at bedtime and listen excitedly to their bedtime stories. Then, suddenly, one night, the story books start to disappear, right out of their hands, flying out the windows and disappearing. Poor Eliza Brown is shocked but determined to find out what is happening. So she lays a trap and, when the thief comes for the pile of story books she has set out, Eliza confronts them! It turns out that the thief is a little creature called a Snatchabook (looks like a kangaroo mouse with dragonfly wings), and it has been stealing books because it has no one to read to it. Poor thing!

Eliza Brown takes pity on the Snatchabook and, together, they come up with a plan to return everyone’s books. Afterward, Eliza gathers her friends and explains the situation and, after that, the Snatchabook is welcomed to storytime in everyone’s home.

Written and illustrated by Helen and Thomas Docherty, a husband and wife team from Wales, this is a simply lovely storybook, composed of lush illustrations and a beautiful story written in lilting rhyme, perfect for a little ones. I thoroughly enjoy reading this to my 2-year-old daughter and, sometimes, I even take it down to read just to myself.


2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Snatchabook by Helen Docherty & Thomas Docherty

  1. I love children’s books. I collect them, too, even though I don’t have little ones to read them to. Their message is phenomenal. You may enjoy reading Brainpickings’ list of suggested books for children..

    Do try and get your hands on Oliver by Birgitta Sif. An alltime favourite for me now. I love this one you’ve written about- I must get a copy! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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