Poetry: Words Alive and Thriving 

This morning, a friend sent me Brandon Griggs’ CNN article “Does Poetry Matter” and I was struck by it. In my mind, I agree with the opinion that poetry is far from dead; rather, it’s just being experienced differently in this ago of social media and ultimate connectivity. I have a dear friend who shares poetry with me frequently when she thinks I might need a pick-me-up or that remind her of me, some of which I’ve never read and that’s a delight. 

My husband is an avid lover of poetry and a much better poet than I in practice. The first time we spent significant time together, just him and me, he showed me some of his poems, which I know was intensely personal for him, I know. And I will forever appreciate the gesture and love him all the more for his sharing of his literary passion with me. 

My daughter hears poetry every day, in the storybooks that I read to her and the whimsical children’s shows she watches. It’s helping her learn words and cadence and she loves it. 

Poetry isn’t dead. No, no. We just need to acknowledge it in its evolved state as well as in its classic form. Poetry is a way of viewing the world with heart and words, just like we see with our eyes and experience with our souls. 



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