Once Upon a Time

Author’s Note: This is a piece that wrote for a roleplay character who had the ability to create illusions. Her entire concept was built the ideas of dreams and stories and hemmed in by the imagery of Alice in Wonderland.

There was once a little girl who loved stories, especially Alice In Wonderland. One night, as she was reading, the Cheshire Cat leapt from the book and spun the world around the little girl, drawing her into a rabbit hole, down long and deep. The little girl had tea with a Hatter, scared the DoorMouse, refereed a fight between a Lion and a Unicorn and shared the prize amongst them. She cowed the Red Queen and out-skilled the White. She enraptured the White Knight and intrigued the Black. She danced on rooftops and soared over lakes. She tamed the Jabberwocky and made stars out of the Bandersnatch. The Cat was always there, guiding, teasing, taunting. He became her best friend and confidant, even when she found that she, too, could spin the world and make it her own. She grew stronger and shared her world as two kittens eventually joined them in their adventures and the girl became their guide in turn.

The Cheshire Girl

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