Waxing Idyllic

I am convinced that I am a woman of fractured soul – modern and idyllic, city mouse and country mouse in one.  But, for this endeavor, I shall choose the latter. I have always dreamt of the idyllic, of rolling hills, villages, woods, streams, meadows, etc. Seriously, I would be a hobbit if I had the choice and be most happy with it, I think!

Now, I have never been to the United Kingdom or Europe, though I have wanted to for as long as I can remember. Despite that lack of visitation, I still think that I could find myself happy in a quintessentially lovely European village. Row houses and cottages with flowers blossoming in window boxes, hedgerows, and gardens. A lovely home for me and mine — me to make cozy and mine to fill with our own brand of eccentricity. Walled gardens to play, relax, and read in. Shops and the like within walking/biking distance and the city maybe a train trip away.

Yes, I definitely still dream of the idyllic life, though some would say that I already have it.


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