The Education of a Lady

Author’s Note: This is a momentary writing that flitted through my head yesterday, inspired by memories of lines from Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest.

“Oh, I absolutely despise being her tablemate at a dinner party. Have you seen her? It’s disgraceful, I tell you, the way she flirts with her husband across the table. The woman is shamelessly blissful! It puts the entire table out! If something is not done soon, I shall demand that the police interfere.”

Her tablemate at this particular teatime tutted: “Truly, does she not know that it is the position of other women to flirt with her husband and her position to be utterly unconcerned by it?”

“It is also the position of other women’s husbands to flirt with her and hers to be outraged by such behavior,” chimed another well-taught madame.

“Indeed, does she have so little education at all in Societal affairs?” ruffled the originally offended party.

“The barest it would seem, poor fool,” sighed the commiserating tablemate.

— “A Meritous Conversation Betwixt Ladies of Standing”


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