What Flows Beneath

Warning: This piece contains spoilers for Disney’s Moana. Read at your own risk.




My world was once lush and beautiful, as was I. The dome of the sky overshadowed me and the bowl of the ocean cradled me. I watched the sun rise in amethyst, rose, and hibiscus and set in glorious flame. I welcomed all of nature into my embrace upon its birth, letting life and bounty flow from me and into the bones of the earth. My children voyaged and journeyed, swam and flew and spread over the waters, new life springing everywhere. I flowed and felt, thrummed and thrived. Then…it happened.

Life was plucked, torn, ripped, stolen from me. I felt it then. Pain. It spread through my soul like fire, white-hot, rending, and scorching. What was once lush blackened and burned, my soul turning to black glass. I screamed out in my suffering as the Ocean I loved and had once held me now hurt me to touch and imprisoned me.

They hurt me. My children, my creation. I shrieked out my anguish and rage; it shattered the bones of the earth and took frightful form. Life was lost and, in my torment, I sought to destroy the one who had stolen it from me, who had caused me such agony. They called me monster, nightmare. What they have done, what they had made me now defined me. My misery spread throughout the world, blackening and ashing away what I had once created with such love.

Ingrates! Betrayers! Deceivers!

You stole my Heart, my Life. Now I feel only Pain. So let Life burn!



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