We Can Be Heroes

My husband’s sermon today laid a strong finger on my heart and reminded me that the world may be scary but scary won’t stop me. Don’t let it stop you either. Love and goodness, kindness and generosity, mercy, and solidarity are more necessary than ever.

It’s time to #HeroUp, dear ones.

West River Friends Meeting

Scripture: Romans 12


How can we live Godly, heroically in a world full of such darkness and evil? Honestly? There’s no secret to it. To be a hero, all we have to do is be good and do good. We need to love. And Christ gave us the most perfect example of such love.

Our culture is convinced that you cannot change the world by loving others. They’re wrong. We can change the world. Not instantly, however. Change through love is a process.

But how do we even start?

1.) We have to dedicate ourselves to the task at hand, to loving others. Love takes work.

  • Becoming a good person takes time and work and practice, commitment, sacrifice.
  • There are times when we will need to give up what is immediate, easy, or desired in order to do our best good. Love is work. Daily work…

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