Mother’s Day – Guest Speaker: Melissa Snyder

So, my husband asked me to give the message at our church today for Mother’s Day, and I knew I was supposed to. However, because of a busy week, I was writing this right up until the minute before he called me to the pulpit, and I didn’t finish writing what I wanted to write. If you know me personally, you know that that is NOT my ideal situation. I like to be prepared, to have practiced. I didn’t get that chance here and I was incredibly nervous because of it. But when I came to the end of the words on the page, I let my heart take over to finish out, and I think it was just what I was supposed to say. So I guess you’ll just have to listen, won’t you? ^_^

Happy Mother’s Day, dear ones!

West River Friends Meeting


Scripture: I Samuel 1, 2:9a

I am thirty-five years old and I still need my mom.

When I was pregnant, there were days when I would just break down crying because all I wanted was for my mom to make me her spaghetti and meat sauce, to sit with me and stroke my hair and scratch my back while we sat on the couch and watched “Law and Order”.

There have been days when my mother, seeing me tired and worn, has bundled Elizabeth off to bed and sent me to mine. I would hear her in there, in the rocking chair or next to Bizzy’s bed, singing “Jesus Loves Me” to soothe her to sleep the same way she did me almost every night for the first part of my life.

If we are fortunate and blessed enough to have mothers who love us and…

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