A Few of My Favorite Things (About Me)

Ten interesting things about me. It’s an odd thing to ask an ambivert sometimes. There are days that I think that I am the simplest person I know and others when I amaze myself with what I can accomplish. So…I’ll try to lean on the latter side today.

  1. I am a published Tolkien scholar. This summer, I had the immense privilege to be published in Myth Ink Books’ Forgotten Leaves: Essays from a Smial, an anthology of writings on Tolkien’s masterpieces.
  2. I am not a fan of the process of baking. I LOVE to watch “The Great British Baking Show” and eat confections and baked goods but, unless it’s pre-packaged and such, I am not that great of a baker.
  3. When I entered my first writing contest, the judges didn’t believe that I had written it. I had to put together an appeal file of past and current writings in order to convince them that I was not trying to cheat by having my parents write the story for me. I won first place.
  4.  One of my happiest memories is of my ride being late to pick me up from horseback-riding lessons. Because I was in the last class, one of the instructors taught me how to untack and groom the horses. I knew all of this, of course; I had read about it. But being physically taught how and then being able to do it several that afternoon was wonderful and thrilling for me. I love horses and that experience was the stuff of dreams.
  5. When I was teaching, I used Taylor Mali’s poems to teach my students poetic interpretation and analysis. At the end of the unit, they would work on analyzing poems in groups and then I would send those analyses off to Mr. Mali. More than once he wrote back to my classes and sent them gifts acknowledging their hard work.
  6. I am not a great seamstress but I do enjoy the quiet calm of stitching a seam or taking up a hem.
  7. I am a huge nerd for comic-to-television crossovers. I have just started the second season of “Gotham” and I am still very much in love with the nods (little and big) to the Gotham City and its denizens that I grew up with as a kid through the animated series.
  8. I fall into deep sleep/dream state almost immediately upon going to sleep. Thoughts melt into dreams almost seamlessly at times.
  9. When I took a semester vocal class in college, I received the highest grade (jury and professor) of anyone else in that particular studio, including students who were in the theatre/music program.
  10. As a sophomore, I won best actress in an amateur musical competition/fundraiser held on my college campus.

NaBloPoMo Day 7: 25 Random Facts

In case you were interested. 🙂

1. I am so nearsighted as to be legally blind without my glasses, though I am the tiniest bit less nearsighted this year. So the doctor says.

2. I taught myself Shakespeare (how to read, how to interpret), as it wasn’t taught at my school.

3. I have a Bachelor’s of Science in English Education and a minor in Literature, because the minor only required one class more than the ones I was already taking..

4. My first academic publication was in Parma Nole, the Journal of Heren Istarion: The Northeast Tolkien Society. It was my undergrad senior thesis paper, a joint effort for Norse Myth and Saga and Survey of English classes, taught by the same professor. It covered the real world influences on Tolkien’s languages and the echoes of Norse culture in the people of Rohan in his Lord of the Rings saga.

5. My first fiction publication was a story for a Sunday School paper when I was 14, sent in by a teacher of mine. I was paid $5, just like Jo March (Little Women).

6. I loved Disney Sega games, but could NEVER finish the final level. Ever.

7. My parents argued over what to name me. One wanted Melissa, the other wanted Sherri. I don’t remember who won, ie, who had which name.

8. I have a quasi-eidetic memory when it comes to movie dialogue. Show me a movie or TV show once and I can probably remember a third of the lines.

9. I kind of miss bike riding but I like walking better.

10. I fell in love with Frank Sinatra in college and have since transferred my love over to Michael Buble. Such a great showman.

11. I have never had my ears pierced, nor do I plan to.

12. I really hot black tea with lots of sugar/honey and lemon.

13. I am an Anglophile. I love British television, especially period drama like “Downtown Abbey” and “Call the Midwife”.

14. I am a combined introvert and extrovert. I hoard my ‘me time’ but I love time with people, though it is often in certain situations. I love to talk but I also like to listen while the rest of my brain retreats into my own world.

15. I have never written a novel. I have started several but never finished any of them.

16. Some of my best work is fan-fiction.

17. I have  a VERY short attention span when it comes to video games. I can only play it and be interested for a few hours and then I’m done.

18. I broke my four top front teeth with a lunchbox as a child and required root canals and silver caps on them all. So I had a mini-grill until my baby teeth fell out.

19. I have never broken a bone or had a cavity.

20. My first LARP character was a thrall for my then boyfriends Ordo Gangrel. I LOVED Aislinn.

21. Apparently, I don’t play REAL characters in DragonLance/DragonStar. According to my husband, I play props, e.g. his paladin’s epic mount/unicorn and a fire mephit used as a ship’s heating coil.

22. I make friends more easily with men than with women so the ladies who are close to me are really very special.

23. I love going to the Disney Store because it’s the closest I’ll get to Disney World for the moment.

24. According to some Detroit friends, I should not exist.

25. I still adore my husband each and every day. ❤