Moments in Magical Modernity: V


Winter can be hard on beings who draw their power from the warmer aspects of Nature but many have developed coping mechanisms akin to those who deal with SAD. Dryads’ homes are often filled with warm light and UV lamps/bulbs to help warm them through the months. The satyr-run brewery has daily specials on warm, sit-in-your-belly meads and ales throughout the entirety of the winter season. And the Hollow keeps its summer-stoke fireplace going constantly; you’ll even see some dryads start to blossom under its enchanted light.

The world needs Winter, Nature its rest, and, with it, Winter brings its own particular brand of Magic. Frostlings and winterbroods make sure the sidewalks stay safe and those who work at the local DOT make sure roads stay passable and clear with a little charm here and a special mixture there  (not salt, though. We did away with that a long time ago. Too corrosive and harmful.) They do not tamper with the Weather itself but rather merely mitigate its results. Ponds freeze solid for skating. There’s an extra diamine shimmer on the morning and moonlit snowfalls, courtesy of local creative frost fairies. Holiday pictures taken out of doors are always perfect if set up/arranged ahead of time. Snowflakes stay frozen in mittened hands long enough for their myriad shapes to be inspected. Sleds whoosh along only to avoid obstacles and thunk safely into snowbanks. Fairies’ wings sparkle with snowdust, that subtle, delicate shimmer that is all but undetectable without the sun filtering through the sky just so on an icy day.


Jessamin, the frost fairy barista, always perks up immensely and helps Kingsley whip up all kinds of wintry treats and special drinks for the Hollow. A favorite is the Winter Apple—a spiced cider that starts warm and then, at some point between tongue and tummy, gives you the most delicious sweetness of a late fall apple just touched through with frosty cold. You can positively see the bright red of the apple glowing beneath its icy dusting.

In the winter, Sophie always comes around more often and stays for longer despite her always-busy schedule, basking in the hominess of the Hollow and its rejuvenating warmth. Humans like her linger longer over their coffees and pastries, slowing down a bit from the frenzy of life. They seem to take in more, feel like they notice and think more. In Winter, the world grows slower, steadier, for human and magical being alike. But Winter is not without its own brand of Magic, if one will simply slow down with it enough to see its beauty.




Quasi-Daily Writing – December 30, 2011 – What’s with all the apples?

So this will be yet another musing upon ecstatic, probably carnal-in-some-way moments. Imaginations are encouraged.

So many of my ecstatic, epiphanic moments lately seem to have to do with apples. In this case, I was in the bathroom sitting with the hubby while he shaved and showered, just because I wanted to be near him. With my iPhone, of course, clicking through Facebook as I sat. I suddenly garnered a want for an apple. I knew there was one in the fridge, that he had eaten its twin the night before and been disappointed with it. Still I wanted it and hoped for more success. So I ran to the fridge, garnered the poor doomed apple, and hurried back to the bathroom. And, as it happened, I lucked out. It was crunchy and sweet and intoxicating and soon I left off the iPhone altogether and stood up to do a little dance while I ate my apple, eventually coming to rest against the towel rack. I felt exceedingly lazy and rather happy; and then I caught myself in the mirror. The angle of my body, the arm resting languidly over my head, the apple at my mouth…I suddenly began giggling and said to the husband, “Look!”

He looked in my reflection’s direction and smirked. “Yes, Eve, you’re very pretty.” At which, of course, I played my part and offered him the apple.

“No! No! That’s how we all go into this mess in the first place, remember?” he laughed. I just batted my eyes.

“But I know so many nice things now,” I protested before taking another sweet bite.

Yes, yes, blasphemous and whatnot, I suppose some would say. But it was fun and I enjoyed the way I looked in the mirror with my hair tumbling in its curls over my shoulder, the red highlights standing out in the bathroom lights. It was one of the moments of contentment with myself that I have come to treasure. I leaned against the towel rack and finished my dear apple down to the very core, contemplated having a friend of mine take pictures of me like this some day, and just enjoyed that ecstatic moment in peace. Which the hubby didn’t mind at all, me or my reflection.