Sinking into Me

Fierce, fearless, confident.

Come and get me if you dare.

It’s sinking into myself

And being happy with what I find there.

Happy enough not be afraid,

To be boldly

And unabashedly


I will look at myself in the best possible light,

Just be me,

And be happy with me.

It is my constant goal,

A light I grab at on the path I walk,

And it is wonderful.

Life's enjoyment

Life’s enjoyment


Stepping Fierce

Also posted on The Well Written Woman – “I Walk”

I walk like I own the whole world.

My hips move clouds,

My breath guiding them along,

And water springs where my heels pierce the earth.

I walk like the world is mine to hold.

My steps ring confidence’s battle cry, thrumming wildly in its echoes.

I am a lioness, fierce as hell

But softer than gossamer.

My hands are made of fire,

To light and warm, to smelt and refine,

Though never to harm.

I walk like I own the whole damn world,

Because, right now, I really do.

= = = = =

Several weeks ago, as I walked into a store, I felt strong, confident, and fierce. And these words fluttered and tumbled around in my brain, refusing to leave until they were given a voice. I will admit, sometimes I really like it when that happens.

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