Featured Artist Spotlight: Courtney Phi

An expert in paint, pen, word, and stitch, Courtney Phi has been covered in art from her young days. She has been painting and drawing for as long as she can remember, with differing degrees of facility. Her mother provided a creative foundation for Courtney in their home as she took on various art projects, sewed, and drew her daughter into her sphere of creativity. Supportive of Courtney’s talent and passion, her parents placed her in an arts magnet school when she was a young girl, where she was exposed to art history and technique from an early age.

Now a proficient artist across  many mediums, Courtney Phi is constantly reaching for new heights, new pursuits, new projects, new avenues for her creativity – whether it be fashion, writing, medieval dancing or cooking, or painting. Courtney Pritchard is also one of the most perceptive people I have ever met and it shows in her art, her ability to see beyond the lines she is currently drawing or painting, to see what comes next. She is also perseverant, keeping at her work until she gets it right. These are not only traits of a highly-creative mind but of a highly-determined, wonderful-hearted person. Her creativity has been an inspiration and muse to me on several occasions, just as she has as a friend.

Courtney Phi Art Facebook Page

Courtney Phi’s Patreon Page – Come support the beauty!


Art is property of Courtney Phi. Prints available at her Etsy Store: Sycamore Grove Designs



Art Spotlight: “J’ai le coeur reveur”

J’ai le coeur reveur by Lucia Carriero – http://nonnetta.deviantart.com/ 

I dearly love Lucia’s work! It is delicate, beautiful, imaginative, and heartfelt. I honestly wish I could own a print of every one of her works; I’d plaster my house with them. ^_^ This piece is one of my favorites and rather apropos of my mindset this week.

NaBloMoPo Day 21: Artistic Bent

In our local coffee shop are sold prints and paintings by local artists. My husband came home one Saturday morning from his coffee run to inform me that I needed to go to the coffee shop later and look at the art because there was something there that would interest me. So, later, we took a walk with Elizabeth and, entering the coffee shop, Ben drew me over to where some new paintings sat and said, “Can you guess which one I thought you’d like?” It took me a moment but soon I saw it. Sitting there was a small 8×10 print of this:

If you know Doctor Who then you recognize this piece. In an episode in Series 5 of the restart of the hit British show, the Doctor and Amy Pon visit Vincent Van Gogh after the Doctor sees a monstrous shape in one of Vincent’s paintings in an exhibit. Throughout the episode, we find that Vincent not only has mental issues but is gifted with, at times, visions of the future. He painted the above, a depiction of the TARDIS exploding and burning, a catastrophic event that haunts the Doctor’s future, though how or why he doesn’t know.

I think it’s beautiful and the fact that someone studied it and Van Gogh’s style enough to recreate it made me squee. Unfortunately, it was a single canvas and it was already sold. Ah, well. Next time, right?