NaBloPoMo 2014 Day 27: A Blessing for You, Dear Reader

My Thanksgiving table – 2014

Round this table ere we broke our bread,

To speak our thanks we bowed our heads.

Not from fear or guilt or guile,

But from acknowledgement of the worthwhile.

Jobs to feed and homes to warm,

Food to nourish and hands to hold through the storm.

We are grateful for each and every gift,

This day set aside to detail that list.

This is simple, not grand or unique,

Just a truth I need to speak.

Your presence, dear reader, is a dream for me.

My words, my heart laid here for you to see.

You reading and taking what I say to heart

Has meant the world to me from the very start.

Thank you for each moment, each comment, each like.

I appreciate the time that you give to this is corner of my life.

I wish you the best, every blessing, every gift.

May these days – holidays and non – be your needed lift.