NaBloPoMo Day 12: Loving Touches

One of the best moments of my day today occurred at the optometrist’s office. While my glasses were being adjusted, I put my hands on the table and was amazed to feel how smooth and soft the wood was.  I just sat there and ran my fingers back and forth over the laquered wood, enjoying how it felt. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of tangible pleasure to make your day.

I’ve been layered in bed lately with my blankets and on the bottom is a red fuzzy blanket that was given to me for Christmas last year. I love how it feels on my bare feet and that softness is very soothing to me when I climb into bed at night, encouraging the sleep that I really need, wrapped in warmth and softness.

The best descriptio of satin that I have ever heard, I read in a Nancy Drew Goes to College novel: “it felt like cool milk pouring down her back”. Never a more apropos description in my book because that’s exactly what it feels like: cool and smooth and luxurious. Couple it with some flowing chiffon and I am a happy girl.

Sometimes all it takes is a little tangible pleasure to make your day. 🙂