Quasi-Daily Writing: February 16, 2012 – Another Apple, Another Point of Bliss

So I guess I really am an apple-for-the-teacher kind of girl. I made myself as cute as can be to the cafeteria ladies today to beg an apple from the service container waiting for the 6th graders after I finished 7th grade lunch duty (why DO the youngest children eat last, I wonder?). I bit into it and that cold sweetness burst in my mouth, causing a dumb grin on my face, I just know it. There’s something about a sweet, chilled apple that just makes me happy and relaxed and cool and…ahhhhh!

And I needed that moment today. It’s not been a particularly difficult one, just busy and tiring and worrisome. All I want to do is crawl back into bed and sleep away the rest of the day. It may be the grey skies, it may be the rain, but something is pulling me down, trying to curl around me and keep me there with it. Hopefully, it won’t.


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