HoosierLand in the Fall

I ask myself this all the time: WHY would I want to live anywhere other than Indiana? And it’s usually when I am driving out in the country somewhere. Right now, Indiana is ablaze with autumn. It is my husband’s favorite time of year and is fast beocming one of mine. Today was a sunny, cloudless, cool day and, as I drove to and from church, I just marveled once again at the beauty of the land around me. Sure, east central Indiana is as flat as a failed souffle but there’s no denying the sight of a forest on fire with autumn colors cresting the horizon of a harvested corn field. It’s a beauty like no other. There’s a scent coursing along the crispness in the air, like a sharp, sweet, cold apple. Cliche maybe but appropriate nonetheless.

It’s not just a smell but also a feeling. A stirring inside. Life is changing in the fall and I am beginning to find it more beautiful than ever before.


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