Restaurant Review: Damask Cafe

Today, we ate somewhere new, the Damask Cafe in Muncie, IN. We had been waiting and waiting for Muncie to get a good Mediterranean restaurant and, though this opened a while ago, it was our first opportunity to go there for lunch. We are great fans of Mediterrenean cuisine, of the flavors of the Greek, Egyptian, and Turkish, so this was a welcome discovery.

Cafe Damask has taken over a familiar restaurant space on Bethel in Muncie; the former location of Bella Avante, and they have ever put a hookah hut in the take-out outbuilding. and, while the main internal structure of the restaurant hasn’t much changed, they have added little touches to give it the classy feeling they desired. My favorite touch are framed damask panels that hang on the wall. Damask is one of my favorite fabrics and I think that that particular touch is excellent, well-planned, and very elegant. A simple but striking decoration.

Ben had the, Turkish coffee and spinakopita and I had the summac chicken, as well as the hummus and pita bread. Everything was very good, the flavors very subtle and well-parsed-out.  You could smell the subtle sweet in summac chicken, taste the gentle flavor of the basmati rice. We ate well and even got an extra order of pita to go with the leftover hummus so we could take it home with us along with the rest of the leftovers. Word of warning: the flavors strengthen after a while and just be aware that they will linger the second time around. 🙂

Cafe Damask has vegetarian options, platters to share, and is reasonably priced so it is  a great place for a date night or to try somewhere new with friends. Give a try and see for yourself.

Summac Chicken, rice, and house salad


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