NaBloPoMo Day 13: When I Was Young and Foolish

For Betsy:

When I was young and foolish,

I gave my heart away.

I gave it with no thought

Of what would come or may.

Whe’er my heart led,

That was where I’d go.

One string here, one string there,

Loving that secret glow.

Until all those strings

A large knot became.

My touch became hurt,

My presence a stab of pain.

When I was young and foolish,

I gave my heart away

With no thought to who would get it

Or what they got from me.

Now there are scars

Here and there,

And I must be more careful

With how I choose to share.

For you cannot give your heart away

Without taking someone else’s.

And that is a treasure that

Must needs be cherished.

So be careful

With the heart you’re given,

Because sins against love

Are often the hardest shriven.


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