Laced Together With Grace

“When we keep our eyes on Jesus–remembering that He is the one we serve when we love others–the perspective and attitudes of our heart will be laced with the grace of Christ.” — Alyssa Bethke, from SheReadsTruth’s Colossians study

I love that phrase “laced with”. I’ve used it before in my own writing and it’s one of my favorite lovely phrases. To be laced is to be held together, held firmly. If I think of my heart’s perspective and attitudes as holding me together like a corset, informing my posture and gait, my attitude, and then I lace that heart corset with the grace of Jesus Christ, I can see His hand and love in everything.

When my soul aches, I can see Him refining me, just as a corset straightens my back and posture, and sometimes it aches, but it is being improved.

When I am tired and feel like I can’t hold up anymore, grace holds me tightly and reminds me that I can make it. I am supported. I can love, I can forgive, I can have courage, and be kind because I am constantly held up by Christ’s love and grace.

My word for 2016 is ‘grace’ and, as I am specifically working towards this, I hope it will come to be a part of me, my everyday wear, just as that corset might be, the longer I wear it. Kindness, love, compassion, empathy…my heart and actions laced together with grace.


NaBloPoMo Day 13: When I Was Young and Foolish

For Betsy:

When I was young and foolish,

I gave my heart away.

I gave it with no thought

Of what would come or may.

Whe’er my heart led,

That was where I’d go.

One string here, one string there,

Loving that secret glow.

Until all those strings

A large knot became.

My touch became hurt,

My presence a stab of pain.

When I was young and foolish,

I gave my heart away

With no thought to who would get it

Or what they got from me.

Now there are scars

Here and there,

And I must be more careful

With how I choose to share.

For you cannot give your heart away

Without taking someone else’s.

And that is a treasure that

Must needs be cherished.

So be careful

With the heart you’re given,

Because sins against love

Are often the hardest shriven.