The Two Sides of Me

I am a woman of two elements: fire and water. Fire burns with passion and intent, fierce and engulfing. It can destroy but also smelt and refine. Water flows, finding new ways around when one is blocked, nourishing and refreshing where it goes.

And that’s where my brain kind of stops. Well, the eloquent side of it anyway. I wanted to talk about the two sides of me: the emotional and the rational. It’s been foremost on my mind lately, as they have been foremost in what I have been dealing with in the new year, but the truth is: I got nothin’. I have no idea how to voice what’s in my head. How to talk about the rational decisions and the emotions that follow. Less and less easy a task the more I think about it. I thought I had it, I did. I thought I could just let the words fan out from my brain in a semblance of order that makes even a modicum of sense or contains value. But, yeah…

I got nothin’ this time around.


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