Unique as a Snowflake


This was my window today

We have all heard that phrase: “unique as a snowflake”, though my favorite version of this aphorism is Fight Club’s admonition that “you are not a unique, beautiful snowflake”. And it’s true. We aren’t snowflakes and to equivocate our personal individuality to a weather phenomenon whose own “uniqueness” is relatively short-lived is unfair, I think. We as human beings are of a far greater complexity than snow, rending it simple by comparison. We are made up of unseen variables that cannot be counted, measured, or quantified. We don’t simply disappear when we are joined with other people; even though we mix, we are still individuals.  We do not blend so that no one can tell where one person ends and another begins.

People are not snowflakes, however pretty and momentarily-unique the latter might be. People are so much more than that. There will always be more to a person than you know, more than I believe we can fully fathom. Their individuality does not melt away, no matter how heated the situation, nor does it freeze into stagnation, no matter how icy the world outside is.


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