NaBloPoMo 2014 Day 6: Undone

Amazing how things can begin with such pomp and circumstance, such ceremony and celebration, and then can simply be undone by a pair of signatures. He sat there, looking at the papers that lay between them on the table, the ink still wet and bright on the signature lines. His hands were folded on the table in front of him, feeling strangely lighter now, at least his left one. The skin on his fourth finger was worn smooth just below the third knuckle and he rubbed it subconsciously.

How could things be undone so simply? It had been far from simple, really. It was the final process that seemed almost insultingly simple. “Sign here and it is as if it never happened.” Years gone with a pen stroke. How could it be so easy? Are all things in life so simply undone? Loves simply wished away? Memories forgotten? Do we make space in our minds and in our hearts for the future by getting rid of the past?

His mind turned over and over and over itself, none of his thoughts happy. None of them sad. Just thoughts. This wasn’t what he had planned, wasn’t how he had seen things going. But, then again, when does life ever go as we think it will? All we can do it keep walking, step by step, and do life day by day.

Hands pressing against the table, he rose slowly to his feet and left the conference room, never looking back. Life waited beyond the door. Life that had yet to be done.


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