NanoBloPoMo 2014 Day 7: The Moonlight’s Serenade

Did you know that moonlight has a sound? It is unlike anything known to the human ear and each person hears it differently, not to mention each region on earth having its own melody. Where I am, moonlight sounds like clean blue glass, shivering and silvery like winter sparkle, all major chords and flutey melody. Full moonlight builds like a spreading crescendo, like fingers of sea foam on sand dollar strings. Fragile and magnificent, shimmeringly beautiful.

That is how I hear moonlight, its melody sneaking into my home through window panes and sifting into my dreams. What does your melody sound like?


4 thoughts on “NanoBloPoMo 2014 Day 7: The Moonlight’s Serenade

  1. I feel like it’s this beautiful cloak of hope. Something that blankets you and reminds you that tomorrow’s a new day. Hard to explain and I’m doing a pretty poor job with words hehe. Beautiful thought! 🙂

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