Book Release: Forgotten Leaves Essays from a Smial, dedicated to JRR Tolkien

So…THIS IS BIG! Come this Saturday, the book’s release, I will be a published academic! My Tolkien essay, “He Who Would Be First Must Be Last: Tolkien’s Heroism in Lord of the Rings”, will be printed in this book. I’m…really, really, really excited!

Myth Ink Books

Logo Art1We are happy to announce that our Tolkien essay collection Forgotten Leaves: Essays from a Smial, will be released at The New York Tolkien Conference on Saturday, June 13th. Forgotten Leaves is our first book dedicated to J.R.R Tolkien and the Conference Launch panel will feature contributors and editors of Forgotten Leaves.  For those attending the Conference we will have advance copies available for purchase before it is released world-wide via Amazon and other distributors.

It’s very hard to discuss the evolution of this volume without discussing our smial of the Tolkien Society UK, Heren Istarion the New York Tolkien Society, without being a little nostalgic.

Our first intentions for the volume were to simply collect and reprint some of the essays
we most enjoyed from the days of Parma Nölé, the Journal of the Northeast Tolkien Society. The idea germinated and we realized we didn’t want to entirely…

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