For Such a Time As This

3fa9bf969e31bb4c2c036abd212aae7fYesterday, in church service, the pastor spoke on Esther, particularly, how she was uniquely placed and able to save her people, the Jews, from the hateful machinations of Haman. She was a single woman, and yet she was in just the place to save a nation of people, if she was only willing to take the risk. Their lives and future depended on her and her willingness to obey.

What would the future look like if God’s kingdom depended on me? Can I, as a single, sole person, make a significant impact for God and Christ upon this world?


I have seen the difference that one person can make, that can make in the lives of those around us by simply doing the something I can do. God is the one at work, not me. I’m simply doing. He is the one acting.  He is the one speaking love and hope into lives through me.

I cannot do everything, not by far, but I can do something, and I can do that something to the best of my ability and for the benefit of others. I may not ever convert others to Christianity and that’s okay. I can and will still act/speak love and be the image of the Christ in whom I say I believe. My job is not results. My job is simply to do, to obey. I might never know when I might be uniquely placed for a particular time or a particular person.

As Rachel May Stafford, creator of The Hands Free Revolution, so wisely put it:

“Today I will not respond perfectly. I know.
But if strive to communicate with hints of kindness and traces of love,
That will be something
That will be something
That could mean more than words.

In challenging moments, kindness is often not our first response. But a compassionate response holds saving power—power to save a bond…save a line of communication…save a person’s pride…save a moment…save a day…maybe even save a life. Our loving response could be someone’s saving grace today.”


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