BloPoMo Day 4: Amethyst Flashes in Autumn

Now, as I drive home along the highways, I am met with a beautiful sight. Amidst the paling grass and slowly changing trees, there are brilliant flashes of color in the brush of the side ditches, fence rows, and treelines. It’s a brilliant purple flower that grows in bunches that shock and delight me, making me want to pull my car over and collect them in massive bouquets to fill my home with spring color in the midst of autumn warmth. I do not know for sure what they are and neither does my 4H-for-lifer husband. But, according my research, my best bet is that these could be vernonia or Prarie Ironweed. I will not pick them without knowing for certain–as I would not anything else–but, for now, I will just enjoy their stunning splashes in my day and the smile that always comes with their waving amethyst heads.



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