A Real Man is a Good Man

Written by a woman I consider a good friend, I agree with every word of this and I am so thankful that she put it out there today. And thank you to all the men in my life who live this proof every day. ^_^

Camicia Bennett

Alpha vs Beta men, ever evolving memes of masculinity, and what it means to be a “Real Man” seem to be over-saturating the internet nearly as bad as the “Real Women” memes feminism has been fighting against for ages.

Much like the female versions of “Real Women Have/Do_____”, men have been working to redefine masculinity via click-bait, pithy pinterest posts, or heaven forbid, the manosphere. (Don’t read up on the manosphere unless you want to weep for humanity.)

But what does it even mean to be a “Real Man”? That you can fix stuff? Grow a beard? Tie a tie a dozen different ways? That you’re a slave to ambition? Know how to fist fight? You don’t cry?

Dear Men,

Do you realize that most of that stuff doesn’t matter to the people who care about you or want to care about you? We are living in…

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