BloPoMo Day 5: Aloha in My Heart

It has been many months since I have cried at hearing “Aloha O’e”. I grew so used to it with my daughter’s fondness for “Lilo & Stitch”. However, as it played on the TV just now, I turned to see my little girl rocking her stuffed Stitch, singing along with the song in her little toddler voice, and doing the motions of holding the flowers and hands and then releasing them. And I started bawling here in the kitchen, absolutely bawling.

That lovely little moment has triggered something inside me, not entirely sure what, that is making it a bit hard to stop crying, honestly. And I don’t particularly think that it’s a bad crying either. Something deep down tells me that whatever I am crying about has something to do with “aloha”. As you surely already know, “aloha” means hello and goodbye and what I am feeling is definitely a goodbye.


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