Actions for a Lifetime (Love Me as a Verb)

Will you love me?Anne-of-Cleves-women-of-the-tudors-30491202-220-162

Will you trade your freedom for a hand to hold and a shoulder to lean on for all of life?

For a heart to bear your burdens with you?

For a stalwart soul willing to stand in your defense and in belief of you?

For an equally strong mind to be your helpmeet through the storms?

Will you love me?

Will you cast aside the doubts that chip, the fears that chink at the armor we could forge together?

Will you let me see the parts of yourself that you hide away, and recognize the courage that it takes to show you mine?

Will you let me rule our world beside you? Will you let me share the burden of the sky upon your shoulders?

Will you seek me out rather than retreat in wrath? Will you reach for me rather than suffer tears alone?

Will you let me rejoice with you in glad times and mourn with you in dark ones?

Will let me rise alongside you to walk again, strong in ourselves and with each other?

Will you love me?

Will you let me love you?


Author’s Note: This is the second piece that has been inspired by the ladies of the Tudor dynasty. The first “A Smile for a Kiss” was inspired by Mary Tudor, eldest daughter of Henry VIII, who would become Queen Mary. This one was inspired by the genteel Anne of Cleves, short time wife of King Harry (and many say the luckiest one). I can see her saying this to any who would offer marriage to her, as a true test of their understanding of who she is and what it would mean to love and be loved by her.

I’m rather enjoying this. Who next, I wonder? 


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