New Joy in a Familiar Place (or My First Audiobook Experience)

OK! So! Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarvelous discovery during some long drives Wednesday and yesterday. I decided I didn’t want to depend on music to keep me awake the whole drive so I decided to start an audiobook that I have had on my audible app for the better part of a year or more: Philippa Gregory’s Changeling. Now, I’ve always been nervous and leery of audiobooks since everything depends upon the person reading it and I loathe being bored by a book whether in print or in voice. But this…oh, this turned out to be a treasure!
Charlie Cox–yes, Daredevil’s Charlie Cox–is a phenomenal narrator! His voice is soothing and engaging, his oral interpretation spot on, and the voices/dialects/accents for his characters are distinct and well-done, these characters brought to life simply through the power of his voice. I am absolutely loving it! 12/18 chapters listened to on my drives and one more listened to this morning. I might finish the book today, which makes me extremely happy but terribly sad at the same time as this is the only audiobook Cox has narrated for the nonce (though I pray not his last). It’s like finding my new favorite candy and then having nowhere around that sells it. 
If you are interested in historical fiction with a slight/implied/possible supernatural element to it, pick up Changeling by Philippa Gregory on Audible. It’s incredible! 

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