Walking Before the World is Awake….& Something New

I love walking before the world is awake.
When the sky is still a slate-colored marshmallow,
With just a hint of a suggestion of daylight beyond.
But not yet.
This is my chapel.
This is my serenity.
This is where I re-center.
Windows are still dark.
Walkway lights still lit.
Just enough light to see by
But not enough to push you towards wakefulness.
It’s as though the world, by silent agreement, has made space just for me and my silent steps.
I love it when even the birds are quiet.
As though the mourning doves cooed in earlier dark,
“Roll over. Sleep on.
The world is loud enough already.
Let her walk in peace.”

©️ Melissa Snyder, 8/28/21

~ So I’m trying something here, Dear Readers. I have only done it once or twice before. Below you will find a link to a Voice-over Reading of the piece above. Yes, that is me. What do think? Would this be something to pursue? Something you might enjoy more of? Let me know your thoughts down below in the comments and we shall see what we shall see. ^_^

New Joy in a Familiar Place (or My First Audiobook Experience)

OK! So! Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarvelous discovery during some long drives Wednesday and yesterday. I decided I didn’t want to depend on music to keep me awake the whole drive so I decided to start an audiobook that I have had on my audible app for the better part of a year or more: Philippa Gregory’s Changeling. Now, I’ve always been nervous and leery of audiobooks since everything depends upon the person reading it and I loathe being bored by a book whether in print or in voice. But this…oh, this turned out to be a treasure!
Charlie Cox–yes, Daredevil’s Charlie Cox–is a phenomenal narrator! His voice is soothing and engaging, his oral interpretation spot on, and the voices/dialects/accents for his characters are distinct and well-done, these characters brought to life simply through the power of his voice. I am absolutely loving it! 12/18 chapters listened to on my drives and one more listened to this morning. I might finish the book today, which makes me extremely happy but terribly sad at the same time as this is the only audiobook Cox has narrated for the nonce (though I pray not his last). It’s like finding my new favorite candy and then having nowhere around that sells it. 
If you are interested in historical fiction with a slight/implied/possible supernatural element to it, pick up Changeling by Philippa Gregory on Audible. It’s incredible!