Broadway Dreams

Singing through Broadway tunes on my Pandora channel today and it got me thinking about my “Broadway dreams”, what I would love to do, given the chance (and the talent).

*Playing Lucy in a production of Jekyll & Hyde. It was the first musical I ever saw live in a theatre and my college was the first to produce it after it closed on Broadway/off-Broadway. It remains my absolute favorite to this day. Singing songs like “Nobody Knows Who I Am” and “Bring On the Men” always gets my blood going, and “A New Life” coaxes a power from my throat that I always think I have lost.

*Performing “The Cell Block Tango” from Chicago. I love that song, especially the way it is done in the film. The fearlessness of the women in their dance and their emotion, it’s like sheer power leaks out from them every time I watch that performance.

*Playing Jo in Little Women. I know that the show did not do as well as hoped but Sutton Foster’s voice and the beauty of the songs still stir love in my heart, and echo my private little heart’s hope of being astonishing one of these days. And “Some Things Are Meant to Be” will always break my heart and make me sob.

*Dancing the “El Tango de Roxanne” from Moulin Rouge. I want to dance that dance, that’s really all there is to it. I want to dress in a corset, feel the power of the dance down through my feet and the grace and daring of moving in such gorgeous tandem.


NaBloPoMo Day 25: The Best Things

And now I’m in a “White Christmas” mood. Every year, our family kicks off the Christmas season by watching “White Christmas” after dinner on Thanksgiving Day. It is a tradition that I married into and now proudly and happily call my own. 🙂

But I remember when Ben and I would randomly slow dance in my dorm room while we were dating, or when we took that ballroom dancing class together (the waist is a waste of time!). It was one of those sweet little things that, in my mind, made a big difference. I had never danced with anyone before Ben and so, to me, it was an incredibly intimate and sweet thing.

Sometimes, he still draws me close in the living room and dances with me when he gets the bent and a song we love is on the tv or the computer. It’s love and it still makes a big impact.