Taking that Next Right Step into Light

Tomorrow, I will wish my Caribbean childhood home goodbye for another year and head back to a place that is full of uncertainty and scary things but is also undoubtedly my home. As I watched the most gorgeous sunset I’ve seen in years, I thought to hold it and draw it close and fast, cupped in my hands, the glow pressed to my heart. A reminder that I will fight for what is beautiful and true and ultimately holy. That I will not let the darkness overtake, overcome, and snuff out. Rather, with your help, I will blaze against it and hopefully encourage and help others hold on to their fire and glow. Their Realness, Trueness, and Holiness. God has called you Very Good and I will defy anyone who says otherwise.


What We Do with the Shattered

All around, the pieces of broken hearts, hurting souls, broken relationships, destroyed hopes, ruined sanctuaries or senses of peace, and shattered dreams. Injured, jagged, pulsing, and aching with unspeakable pain. Everywhere you look, there they lie, leaving precious people pallid and trembling with shock, fear, and uncertainty.

I don’t know what to do. There’s nothing I can do. The thoughts chase through my mind as I stand amidst it all, at a loss of where to start.

Yes, you do. The Truth comes clearly, even as I stand in fearful, tearful silence.

What do we do with hearts that lie broken, souls that ache with pain? The answer is the most simple, difficult, necessary, and needed thing.

We love them.

We. Love. Them.